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Reflection of a sunset

ładny polin

The midnight Posted on Mon, December 25, 2017 12:04:50

It was sunny morning at the Beach, Mr. L lied on the sunny beach and tried to continue with his book about ładny polin…

-…and then she said, the first look should say something, you have to feel something at first look when you look a guy, and she knew that he is not the guy,

-if you give me change maybe you fell in love with me, not all the guys are the same, but he wanted to say more he wanted to say, people used to things that they have already know, people are afraid to go beyond what they have already experienced in their lives,but is this all not an illusion? is it not too superficial if somebody wanted to feel something special at firsl look, you dont know the guy, how it is possible at first look you feel something, or maybe you are too polite to say that he is too ugly for you. but how it is possible that many ugly people have beutiful partners. but he couldnt say these thoughts…

and then she said:
I know i dont want more for you and in the future too , maybe you dont like to read this but i am honest, and dont have time to spend with you…

and then he said:
I take my chances with you if you agree to see eachtother 1 time in month…he thought to himself… WTF am i doing, why i said that to her…why i go so far below for this lady, why? he knew the answer already, he wanted to prove something to her, he wanted to prove she is wrong about him, he wanted to prove her if she has a little patience she could see something special, but is it not just waisting his time has he already knew the outcome, has he already tried this way before…

but after she said
I dont know i have to think about this.

he thought to himself:
and that is a tiny hope, maybe she wants to try and give it a shot,

and then he said:
you can ask me any question you like,

_ but i dont have any question

_ok then i ask you some he thought maybe he asks her and then he can also answer his own questions in this way she also knows him, she was different in many ways,and thats why he continued writing and asking, but he forget again something that he should NOT be too pushy and say lots of things too much asking and too much pushing he could push her far far away… he made that mistake because he thought she was different, he was too afraid to lose her, maybe she finds a handsome blonde tall guy tommorow… and then thats it she will go with him…he was wondering, what really people wants in their lives why so many people wondering, they dont know what they want, maybe they know but what they know what they wish to have is something impossible, you look too far away and you forget the things that near by you, the things that makes you happy, but people dont see them because in appearance they are too normal, too ugly or too common. People getting old and they think they will finally find their love of their lives, but is this not a bunch of crap… when people get older their standards are gowing lower, because it is how it works because they get mature they become wiser, and their Brain adjust itself to the situation, they dont feel this change because they have to protect themselves they have to feel good feel real love their brain just trick them to feel that way. But the truth is that they are changing and their wishes from life is also changing and then they think they find their love of their lives, at that moment if they go back in time, they will understand maybe 5 years a go that guy or girls was too common too ugly too usual…

and then she said:
it is too much or me all your writings and comments please undersand and dont wrrite to me any more.

He knew that he made a mistake, he shouldnt push too hard, but was it not obvious from the beginning, was it not obvious at some point she will be afraid to go beyond, maybe he should be more slow, but how much slow, he thought maybe if he was tall beutiful blonde guy the life was much easier on him. but is that what he wanted a superficial life, just like other cliche ppeople, cliche lovestories bunch of crap that people tell eachtother to feel better about their lives. he knew he wanted more he wanted something special. why people are so difficult, so predictable… he said to himself, maybe milions of people have read already the book small prince, the simple book maybe they say it is a nice book maybe say it is a beutiful book but why they dont understand it. why they dont read it properly, if they say it is a nice book why they dont read it carefully what the fox said, patience and uniekness. it is a madness and he knew he better go back to his readings. the funny thing that he is always too optimistic about people.he thought if she is special if she is different maybe she changes her mind. he knew that it doenst happen he refuses to accept it, stupid hope.

after a cup of thee Mr .L smiled went back to his hotel and watched his favorite serie, “This is us” season 1 episode 8, Pilgrim Rick, there was a beuatiful Quote in the serie

“William Hill: It feels… like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and I’m trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep in my lap I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. When I make my son laugh I try to catch the sound of him laughing-how it rolls up from his chest… but the pieces are moving faster now and I can’t catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my fingertips. And soon where there used to be my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing, there will be nothing. I know it feels like you have all the time in the world, but you don’t. so stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life, catch them while you’re young and quick, because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old and slow… and there’ll be no more of them to catch. And when a nice boy who adores you offers you pie, say thank you.”

the next day, he woke upe and he was planning to go to the bookshop to buy some books, it was christmas days so the bookstore was decorated chrismasy, he made a photo and send it to her, she responded fast so he sit on a chair with his books and send her couple of massages, it was a really nice feeling that sharing a moment with somone he liked, he went to the second store and there he bought some comicon T shirt for himself and then he found a wonderwoman t-shirt, red small size, he thought she would be perfect in this colour so he bought it for her. he buoght also rapping paper and then went back home, wss nice day at the bookstore. actually this happend befor she sent a massage to him that he should send her any massages, but he already knew that…
couple of days later he saw her at the gym and gave the t-shirt to her. she was beutiful as always, nice smile, beutiful blue eyes she also did something to her eyebrows to make even more beutiful. she smiled and they talk

he: i was the other day at the bookstore and i saw this cool small thing for you so i bought it, f it is small please let me know i can change it for a bigger one.
he added: maybe i could write small question for you still,,
she: no please, i dont want to hurt you, 95 % i dont see us together..
he: i take that 5%
she: no please you should write to me the last massage was too personal and i dont want to share that kind of things with you
he: why you dont want to give me a chance
she: i saw something in your eyes first time and i dont see us together
he: but maybe if you know me you fall in love with you
she: i dont want to know you because i dont see you as a future boyfriend or …but again i will think about it i will let you know..
he knew she is just too kind, she doesnt want to hurt him, it was new for him actually because most girsl does not give a shit about his feeleings, but this one was different, but after couple of hours she sent a massage inwhich she told him that she thought and the answer is NO. that was actualy too fast thinking he thought to himself. in 2 hours without knowing a person coming to the conclusion that the answer is NO. but he doesnt expect too much actually. the fact is that she is too kind and she tried hard to not make him sad. and that was actually really nice of her…

listening to cheryy blossom of joe satriani thinking about her, it is crazy how world actually works, why he should be a wolf to get what he wants? he felt so miserable and nothing he coudl do about it. that feeling in his heart is priceless to him, that feeleing that might come from his cultural background, that the love of path is hard and long, he knew already he will never could be with her, but the hope the feeeling and the thought hoeever they are just part of a small fraction of his life, they are beautiful , the feeleing of love in his heart. no matter he could be with here or not the feeeling is nice and beautifull, something to hold on for him. in his thought she was his, she was alwasy meant to be with him. in his thoughts he would do anything for her make her happy. those feeelings and hopes and thoughts are the things that meant in his life.

rocky mountains

The midnight Posted on Sat, March 09, 2013 11:24:10

Living in
near rocky coast, the ocean is wild and the sky is full of clouds, running and playing
with two wings, whenever he likes he could fly, and then comes down to the earth,
flying above ocean whenever he likes, he says to himself, “first I have to run
fast enough and then try to use my hands to fly”.

He was not
sure before every try but he success every time he tried. He could easily fly
and enjoy being in the air.

At one
moment he thought that he is in his sleep, he was in sleep he wakes up and he
was disappointed that flying was just a dream. He wanted to try again. He tries
to fly and he succeeded once again. He was happy that flying is so easy and it
was not just a dream.

He enjoyed
hours flying in to the sky and then he again realized that it is maybe all a dream,
he doesn’t to wake up, he afraid of the truth of human can’t fly with his hands
but it was real for him.

HE wakes up
again but still he could fly into sky he was sure that he can fly without any

The morning
is in the horizon and he wakes up again…


The midnight Posted on Mon, June 13, 2011 23:50:56

Che begoiam az eshgh ke mastamo , negaham be doordasthast, be inke asheghe madrarm va khahraam hastamo, negaham be doordasthast, be chizhaye shirino ziba, zendegi zibast vali bedone madaro khahar nist, zendegui zibast aavku bedone baradar na, eshgh, joooibare ravanist ke az koohsaran mijooshad az koohsarane eshgh va sadegi va khooon, chetor mishe raje be eshgh sohba kard ke beshe bavaresh kard, cheotr mishe goft ke asheghi?? chetor mishe goft ke baki nadari ke goftehat khoonde beshan, chimishe age hame befahman ke to asheghi/?? ke to mastio dary minewisiii ,ke khaste nemisho mishinio minewoisiii


The midnight Posted on Sat, March 26, 2011 22:05:57

1 sale pish ali, ye dokhtary ro dido azash khoshesh omad, behesh oo moghe goft bia ba ham doos shim vali asal goft ke doostpesar dare…. 1 sal gozashto dobare hamdigaro didan, chand bar gharare darsi gozoshtan, albate ali hich vaght behesh komaki nakard vali faghat ba ham chand daghighey boodan,

ye shab asal be khoneye ali ham oomad, sham . ali azash raje be doospesaresh porsid goft ke hanooz doospsar nashode faghat ba ham hastan….

ali ham fekr kard asal azash khoshesh miad va in harfo zade ke dari ro baz negah dashte bashe…

ye gharare sham biroon gozoshtano ba ham boodan, dar heine sham asal daem az doospsaresh tarif mikard va az inke ba khyly pesaraye dige dooste mamolie yeki rafte bood masalan kafsh kharide bood, ba doost pesaresham ke shabe ghabl boode,

ali- vaghty khaste mishi mikhay relax bashi chi kar mikoni?

asal- zang mizanam be doost pesaram badam ke midoni digeeee 😉

ali- bozorg tarin arezoot chie?

asal- ke khoshbakht besham

ali- bozorgtarin tarset chie?

asal- ke pedaro madarmo az dast inke khoshbakht nasham

asal- to chi?

ali- bzoorgtarin tarsam ine ke faramoosh besham va bozorgtarin arezoom ine ke khob mese hame khoshbakht besham

ali- bebin to az man khoshet miad?

asal- mmmmm walllammmm na …oontori ke to az man khoshet miad ye doooste addi…taze doost pesaram midone ke ba to alan biroonam

ali- bebakhshid pas bfet oskole khyly

oon moghe bood ke asal az koore dar rafto asabani shod…

asal- midonestam asan nabaysty bahat miomadam daste khodam asabaniam ke bahat omadam biroon ….afkare mozakhrafe irani dari…..,…..

Ali faghat mazarat khast a akhare shamo sai kard az delesh dar biare….

vali ali har chi bakhodesh fekr mikard be natije nemiresid…ke akhe chetor dokhtary bf dare sham miad khooneye pesare digeoonam to weekend…(be bahaneye dars) …. sham miad birooon bahash..badam mige bfam midone ke man injam…… man ba ye pesari raftam behesh komak kardam kafsh bekhare…dooste addi hastan wosam….

ali akhar sar nafahmid…in che joor rabeteyiiie… faghat ino midonest ke donbale asi bayad begarde ke age bahash biroon mire midone ke oone faghato kase dige nist…donbale kasi begarde ke nayad behesh bege sham daram ba ye pesare dige miram birooon…. donbale kasi begrade ke rastgoo basheo faghat ba oon bashe, dokhtary ke bahash basheo bere ba kase dige HICH VAGHT GHABELE ETEMAD NIST HICH VAGHT NEMITONE BASHEO NAKHAHAD BOOD …to hich mamlekaty dokhatre khoob intori nist .

ALI BA khodesh fekr mikard…bale inam DINNERE emshabemooooon …ba dawao morafeh badesham alabte mazeratkhahy.


The midnight Posted on Sun, October 17, 2010 19:57:02

…sanieha ro nafas keshidam, ta be hal toye sanieha zendegi nakarde boodam,,, mese ye roya bood, bavar nemikardam ke bidaram, fekr mikardam ke hamash khabe…ke ba kaboose bargashtan be khaneie ke hich kasi montazeram nabood bidar shodam, kaboose tarsnaki bood ke mano az royam bidar kard….
be sanginie sorb toye sinash oon havaye khoone, bakhodesh harf mizane ta sedai joz sedaye ghadamhash toye faza bepiche, adat mikone dobare zaman bayad begzare,,, zaman bayad begzare….


The midnight Posted on Wed, January 20, 2010 13:08:21


be donbale negah…

The midnight Posted on Fri, January 01, 2010 23:21:00

ba inke sai mikard khodesho khoonsard neshoon bede vali ba har ghadam be samte istgahe ghatar tapeshe ghalbesh shedat migereft, boghz galoosho feshar midad,… cheshmanesh be donbale cheshmane kasi migasht ke tamame vojoodesh ro ba yek kalame mitonest taarif kone, Eshgh, .be tamame maaani, eshghi ke hichgah to omresh shirin tar az oon ro nacheshide bood va midonest ke nakhahad cheshid, … baz ham shekast hoord chon oon kas zoodat cheshmhasho shenakhto esmesh ro seda zad… mikhast ashk berize ..rooye shoonehaye oon … ashk berizeo bege madar sakhte bito…sakhte tanhai madar to in modat behem sakht gozasht madar….madar ….


The midnight Posted on Sat, December 19, 2009 13:42:54

No comments needed, 🙂

Hala fekr nakoni…

The midnight Posted on Fri, November 06, 2009 18:41:22

Oon shab khosro va nazgol bade sham, koli rah raftand ba ham va khosro kole shahro be nazgol neshoon dad, koli harf zadan ba ham engar ke salha hamdigaro nadide boodan…
Khosro rooze baad in kalameha ro roye messengeresh mikhoone

“Bebin nemikham narahatet konam vali faghat mikham haghighato behet begam ke hala fekr nakoni chizi beine mano to hast ,dishab faghat ye gharar bood hamin “

Serve service

The midnight Posted on Tue, October 13, 2009 21:17:26

tebghe mamole hamishe raft be samte safe ghazahaye garm… 3 noo ghaza ro michidian toye tabagheye felezi va har ki har chi doost dasht bar midasht…oonam yeki ro bardashto raft be samte zarfe soop ke soop berize wose khodesh…ke oono did ke jolosh masghole soop rikhtan toye zarfesh bood…istado behesh negah kard be tamame harakatesh va khodesho amade kard ke mese ye dorbine akasi vaghty ke bar migarde chehrasho be khater bespore…bargasho salam be hamrahe labkhand…Ali poolo hesab kardo raft ke beshine ke did Azar tanha nesheste
Ali- Eftekhar midin Azar khanoom az tanhai dar biarametoon? nahar bekhorim ba ham?
Azar -ekhtyiar darin doostam alan mian vali mikhai beshinin befarmaiin…
ali- Oh nadige mozahem nemisham felan khodahafez…

Ali be jomley ke gofte bood taze fekr mikard…ghalbesh horii rikht paiin chon bayasty ye rooze dige tanhai ghaza mikhord ali rafto ye gooshe be samte fazaye sabz neshast dige daste khodesh nabood ashkhash jary shode boodan…ke dasty ro az posht ehsas kard…
Azar- mibakhshid mese inke…. azar maksi kardo porsid…chizi shode?
Ali- bargashto ba cheshmaye khis labkhandi chizi nashode az ghalbame…ino gofto saresho paiin andakht shonehash be larze oftadan azar khast beshine jolosh //
ali- khahesh mikonam boro Azar khanoom boro…azar ham raft.
Ali ghazasho ba bi meili khordo oonam pa shod raft ke farda dobare biado beshine ro be panjereye fazaye sabzo bebine va ghazasho bekhore…


The midnight Posted on Sun, September 13, 2009 21:22:42

awayel razi bood …rahat miraft va mikhardo miomad…hamishe mogheye kharid sohbat mikard chon kojkaw bood raje be adamha vaghty mokalematesho be yad mioword doost dasht yeki wosash zabt kone hamasho….
[morad]salam sobh bekheir.
[nasrin]salam. rahat peida kardi
[morad]are faghat tool keshid kami ba internet to in zamoone rahat msihe peida kard.
[nasrin] chizi minooshi
[morad]ye liwan Ab lotfan. ejaze hast dastshooi beram?
[nasrin] bale befarmaiid oonja…
5 min later…morad neshasto kami ab nooshid…
[morad] inja zendegi mikoni?
[nasrin] na inja khoneye khaharame baraye kar miam inja.vaghty az dar miam mokhamo khamoosh mikonam ta vaghty ke bekham az dar beram biroon.
[morad] tanha zendegi mikoni?
[nasrin] na ye bache ham daram.mikhai zood shoroo konim ya mikhia beshini kami.
[morad] ajale adaram rahatam…
[nasrin] to az khodet begoo….
Morad az khodesho goft…
[nasrin] khob mikhai berim dige
[morad] ok berim…
sedaye bazi kardane bacheha az toye balkon mioomad…raje be tatooi ke nasrin mikhast rooye badanesh bekone sohbat kardand..
bade 1 saat…
morad neshaste roye mobl///
[morad] sigari hasty
[nasrin] maloome to in shoghl bayad sigar adam bekeshe…

[MOrad] salam
[Maryam] salam bebakhshid ke lokhtam taze az hamom omadam.
[morad] eshkali nadare…vali cheghadr too dar too bood ke inja ro peida konam
[maryam] baraye hamin goftam ke telefoni bayad rahnamaiit konam…chizi minooshi?
[morad] ye liwan ab lotfan
[maryam] age ye chize khonak mikhai hastaa.. noshhabe ya chize dige
[morad] na khoobe ye abe khali kafie…
morad dorobaresho negah mikone…khone behamrikhte bood liwane abo migire va be donbale maryam be otaghesh mire…
[maryam] mikhai berim roo moble behshinim ya haminja khoobe?
[morad] na haminja khoobe
maryam dasht lebas miposhid…kenare takhte khob hamoom bood ke sedaye mashin rakhtshoori azash miomad… morad be maryam nazdik shod…
[maryam] cheshmat ye derakhsheshe jalebi dare.
[morad] shayad vali na hamishe.
[maryam] khyly doost daram azat bedonam…
morad tarif mikone az khodesh…
[morad] ketab mikhoni?
[maryam] are letabaye hayajanangiz doost daram
[morad] khobe vali man ketabaye falsafi bishtar ketabayi ke mano wadar be fekr kardan mikonan…
[maryam] ohum…jalebe khosham miad khyly bahooshi… cheshmaye ghashangi dari..
[morad] to ham khoshgeli…cheshmat sabzan…ghashangan
[m,orad] ketabe shazde kocholo rokhondi..?
[morad]hamrahame mikhai wosat kami bekhonamesh?
[maryam] albate bekhoon …
morad nimkhiz mishe ke ketabo bardare…ketab ro baz mikoneho pas az chand khat khondan migarde donbale ye jomleye khas…
[morad]heif ke peida nemikonamesh ..vali jomleye ghashangi bood engilisi mifahmi??
[maryam]are khob
[morad] migoft…if you want to be tamed should be ready to cry… fekr mikonam ham chin chizi bood …jomleye ziabie…mage na?
[maryam]are zibast..
heine sohbat maryam gahi mikhandid..khandei Sabok…latif va por az paki…mesle khanye ye bache pako salem…
[morad]inja tanha zendegi mikoni?
[maryam] inja are ye bache daram ke pishe madaram hast madaram azash negahdary mikone.
[morad] har rooz kar mikoni inja?
[maryam]toye ye khoonye salmandan ham kar mikonam 3 rooz
[morad] pedaro madaret inja hastan?
[maryam] az ham joda shodan vaghty ke 3 salam bood…vali ba har doshoon rabetey ekhoob daram.
[morad] khobe pas
-maryam] are khyly khoobe midoni khanewade dashta n khyly khoobe…
maryam khodesho be rooye morad keshoond…
bade chand saat…
[maryam] doosh migiri?
[morad] na dige to ke ajale dari manam khoone doosh migiram
[maryam] ok….
maryam zire doosh rafto vali ba ham sohbat kardan…
[morad] koja mikhai beri…
[maryam] postahye pedaramo behesh beresoonam
[morad] pas mitonim ba ham ta istgah berim
[maryam] bashe hatman khoshhal misham
morad dobare be otaghe nehsiman raft …dorobaresho did ke cheghadr behamrokhtas..jaye sigare sookhte rooye mobl…zarfaye nashosteye toye ashpaz khoone…va kise ashghale por…
[morad] mikhai in kise ashghalo bebarim paiin.
[maryam] are bayada bebaram por shode…
[maryam]man goshname toc hi?
[morad]man bishtar bade inhame faaliat
[maryam]khanei kard…
[morad] chi mikhai bokhori
[maryam] toye istgah ye sandewish ba ham mitonim bekhorim…
[morad] ok khobe pas
[morad]amde shodi chizi ja nazari kilid…mobile…panjerehaye balai ro nemibandi..
[maryam] hame chi khoobe hame hci hamrame..beirm..
toye sandewichi…ghaazashono gereftano maryam polesho dad// mashghole khordan
[morad] man nemifahmam to chera polesho dadi..
[maryam] to emrooz ziad pool kharj kardi…
[maryam] rasty esmet chie?
[morad]esmam morade…esme vaghie to chie??
[maryam] Maryam…
sandewicheshono mikhorano mian biroon
[maryam] baram zang bezan
maryam labkhandi mizane…
[morad] bashe hatman moraghebe khodet bash…
va az ham door mishan…morad bar migarde va maryam ro hengame door shodan negah mikone…morad hich vaght labkhandesho faramosh nakard…

morad…salam khobi…
maryam are to khobi
morad 1:30 entezar bellkhare oomadi..
maryam sorryyy escort dashtam basyaty miraftam barye ye moshtary too keshi sorry
morad…na eshkai nadare…
,aryam alan ghaza ro amade mikonam…gaghat2 ta kola mikhmo ba ye baste digar
morad…ok mikhai alan beram begiram???
maryam…aghaza lan amade mishe mikhai bade ghaza ke manam bera m doosh begiram
morad ok
morad va maryam ghazashoono mikhoran dar hali ke maryam mahze tamashaye tv hasto morad mahze tamashaye maryam..
morad…khob man miram bekhram..
,arya, be samte kife pooolesh mire,,
,morad…na lazem nistkhodam mikharam/..
maryam esrar mikone…
morda…khahesh mikonam khodam mikharam..
/morad mire be samte maghaze…va bar migarde…
maryam neshate poshte tv .//va joint mikeshe…
morad mishine kenaresh va be tamashaye maryam…kami ba ham harf mizanan…
maryam…khob mikhai berim otagh khab,,
…bade ye modat
morad…maryam period boodi??
maryam…az farda pas farda bayad shoroo she…vali az alan shrooo shode..
morad..wose hamin dard dashty…
maryam are.
,morad…bebkhash mano..
maryam…na mohem nist,,,
maryam be goosheye otagh khore mishe…sedaye radio miad….va maryam ashkr mirieze…morad..mirge gerye nakon maryam mikone dast ekhodam nist male period hsodane hamishe hamintoe….morad mige be chi fekr mikonoi..maryam mige be hame chi….morad…mige gerie kon azoizm gerye kon maryam hegh hegh…ashk mirize……va morad ham ashkhash ….toye rahe bargasht..morad to fekr boood….ashk rikht…va shk rikht…

To be continued…


The midnight Posted on Sat, September 05, 2009 22:37:59

one girl:”Hello beautiful world…. 4 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like / Unlike
One Boy:”Im sick and the world is not beutiful at alll :((((
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One girl:”I hope u feel better :(”
3 hours ago
One boy:”hope doesnt help i need a nurse …:( … anyway thanks onegirl khoshgel khanoom. 😉
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onegirl”Go to the doctors then azizam!
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Oneboy:” azizam nemishe beram dr…chon bayad zang bezanam…taze dr ham nemikham ….”” .tanha chizi ke mikham ine ke yeki nazamo bekeshe mese madaram…moraghebam bashe…mese madaram…midon…i aziz…:(( mariz ke misham khyly narahat msiham…kasi nist balinam bashe…kenaram bashe…nemidonam shayad in harfo nabayd bezanam…vali farghi nemikone shoma mano nemishnasi…
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oneboy:” Advice nemikham aziz…hamini ke goosh kardi mamnoon gol dokhtar ….:((((4 minutes ago · Comment · Like / Unlike

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