Living in
near rocky coast, the ocean is wild and the sky is full of clouds, running and playing
with two wings, whenever he likes he could fly, and then comes down to the earth,
flying above ocean whenever he likes, he says to himself, “first I have to run
fast enough and then try to use my hands to fly”.

He was not
sure before every try but he success every time he tried. He could easily fly
and enjoy being in the air.

At one
moment he thought that he is in his sleep, he was in sleep he wakes up and he
was disappointed that flying was just a dream. He wanted to try again. He tries
to fly and he succeeded once again. He was happy that flying is so easy and it
was not just a dream.

He enjoyed
hours flying in to the sky and then he again realized that it is maybe all a dream,
he doesn’t to wake up, he afraid of the truth of human can’t fly with his hands
but it was real for him.

HE wakes up
again but still he could fly into sky he was sure that he can fly without any

The morning
is in the horizon and he wakes up again…